SIP trunk rejection retry

I have an issue between FREEPBX and Mikrotik. It’s causing stale connections on the mikrotik router. Now when the connection becomes stale I need to flush the connection from the mikrotik. Now that is not the problem and I am writing a script to do that process.
My question is regarding the sip trunks themselves. When the connection goes stale the system reports the SIP Trunk register status is rejected. Does it keep retrying the connection from time to time after it’s rejected or must I restart ASTERISK/FreePBX to force a reconnection attempt to the server. I’m asking this because I’m trying to automate processes my side.

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Duane Ashwell

I 've the same issue , i ve to clear the connections in Mikrotik in order to get SIP trunk to be registered.

I dont know if it is a Mikrotik issue or providers ?

A ‘poisoned’ NAT association often arises from a brief network outage on the WAN side. The problem is that repeated registration attempts and qualify keep it alive so the PBX can never re-register. One solution is to set Expiration shorter than the router’s UDP timeout, and Qualify Frequency and the three Retry Intervals longer. For example, set Expiration to 120 (2 minutes), Qualify and Retry to 600 (10 minutes) and the router’s UDP timeout to 300 (5 minutes). It should then not be necessary to clear anything out of the router, either manually or by script.

Alternatively, set up port forwarding so new NAT associations are not required. If you have external extensions, forward the SIP port (from any address) to the PBX and use FreePBX Firewall to limit access. If not, forward only your provider IP addresses.

Even better, if you have a static IP address and the provider supports it, set up IP authentication so you don’t use registration at all.

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