SIP trunk registration - username contains '@'

Hi all,

I’m a total novice with Free PBX so please be gentle!

I trying to register on a SIP trunk that is being provided by a client of ours who are offshore. The do not allow IP authentication, only registration. Now they have provided a username and password but the challenge I am faced with is that the username contains the @ sign and this is causing me issues - is there a way to get Free PBX to not treat the @ as a delimiter?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


With pjsip, the @ is not treated specially. With chan_sip register string, the @ is a delimiter only after the first colon. So, it shouldn’t be an issue and your trouble is likely caused by something else.

At the Asterisk command prompt, type
pjsip set logger on
(if using pjsip) or
sip set debug on
(for chan_sip).

The Asterisk log will then show the SIP packets, including REGISTER requests and any resulting replies.

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