SIP Trunk Registration timers

I have a trixbox setup with and the calls work great most of the time, however the SIP trunks keep registering every 10 minutes and causing some issues. Is there a place somewhere in this thing to change the registration time to every 300 minutes?

System Status Version:

The latest valid release for download is If you are playing with any of the beta stuff posted on sourceforge you’ll need to ask trixbox as they have been mucking around in the Freepbx code and now maintain there own branch so issues become thier own at this point. So it is VERY possible that they broke something.

Re-registering should not effect anything it is basicly a renewal of credentials, If a existing call is going on it will not cause any problems, etc.

You don’t want a re-registering that is to long as loosing a connection or changing of a IP will take a long time to re-connect properly.

I downloaded the release from, and it works great except for this problem. I think it’s possible that the new version was available when I downloaded updates from the package update site.

The trunks get hung in a “request sent” status. If I make some kind of change int he DB (anything like the MOH files, or ring groups etc…) then do an update, the trunks will re-register just fine…for a while. BandTel mentioned that they are getting alot of registration requests, so they asked me to set the reg timer to 300 minutes. Which is fine by me because I have a static IP on the box, and they have static IP’s on their DNS servers.

google is your friend…