Sip trunk registration header is missing the Authentication diggest

My SIP provider needs an authentication digest in the registration message but it is missing and I can’t find a way to enable it.
Any suggestions?
I am running a fresh install freepbx v18

If configured with a username/password, and the provider challenges for authentication then it is done. There’s nothing additional that enables it.

An initial REGISTER does NOT contain it, because authentication is a challenge/response.

I just passed your response to my provider and they told me that they need it in the initial registration message. Any workaround to solve it on my end?

No, because that’s not how the authentication works.


There is no such thing. FreePBX 16 was just released, you may be running that, or maybe you are not. We have no idea.Then what version of Asterisk you are running, is a choice you make when you install. There is no magic default.

my bad…
I used the STABLE SNG7-PBX-64bit-2104-1 iso to install

Current Asterisk Version: 18.6.0

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