Sip Trunk Question

I have my box setup and my extension working (Asterisk*now 1.5 Free PBX My real questions is how to get to the outside world.

I currently have VoIP service with a local no name company. They are running asterisk. I have have a grand stream ATA. I know my sip and my password. I have tried to enter this info as my sip trunk info but it will not register.

Will this work? Am i just missing a basic setting? I have the hostname. the username, the secret, and type=peer.

But when i do sip show registry it comes up unregistered.

Thanks for any input you can give me on this matter

You need to add the register string at the bottom of the trunk. Hover over the field description for a “tool tip” on the syntax.

You also need to set the context “from-trunk”

I have it as follows:

sip:[email protected]/sip