SIP trunk providers

Looking for recommendations on commercial grade SIP trunk providers for our offices in San Antonio and Amarillo. We don’t have a lot of volume, but I need high reliability and call quality.

I have been using Trixbox at 6 locations for many years. I started with [email protected] We are running versions of Trixbox from 1.2.9 to 1.4.22. I never upgraded because everything was working.

We currently have in place an AT&T MPLS network between the six locations with one T1 at each location. We have AT&T SIP trunks to each box in each office. I also have a slightly used Teliax account. We also have a PRI in our Amarillo office that connects via Sangoma T1 card. All phones are Polycom. We use one company operator at the San Antonio location with backup operators at the Amarillo location. We have about 40 VTNs with AT&T (spread amongst all offices) and about 30 DIDs with the PRI provider in Amarillo.

We are looking at overhauling the system by switching to ethernet (at least 5Mb/s per location) from Windstream. We are also looking at consolidating and updating our boxes to FreePBX at the San Antonio and Amarillo locations and possibly remove the boxes at the other 4 locations (making use of e911). We would like to convert all DIDs to VTNs. Windstream can’t do this in all of the rate centers, thus the search for a reliable SIP trunk provider.

Ideally, all the phones would register with the San Antonio box as primary and Amarillo as secondary. I think this can be done in sip.cfg file. Obviously, will need to test first.

Office locations:
San Antonio, TX
Amarillo, TX (2x)
Midland, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Artesia, NM

Providers under consideration so far:
Teliax - though I’ve had account for many years, we do not use it enough to know how it performs.


Have you considered SIP Station? It is very robust, excellent customer service and supports the project.

Yes, but $25/channel seems a little high. I’ve seen others at $10-15/channel and others that only charge a per minute fee.

We run about ~3k minutes a month through the PRI and AT&T SIP trunks.

We appear to peek at 8-10 concurrent calls with 4 being average.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for least cost provider. If $25/channel is the only answer to get high reliability and call quality, I would do it.

There are no other providers that provide unlimited service lower than $25/month. Yes there are providers that charge per minute, SIPStation does not have that option. Here is a complete list:

Looks like vitelity is $20/channel

You get what you pay for, be aware that every provider has small-print, vitelity will honor your “unlimited” domestic service, until it looks like a commercial service, then the small print kicks in and you need to pay, and pay retroactively, Most all VSP’s do that, they are not stupid . . .

On top what what Dicko accurately said below, the $20/channel from Vitelity is without fees and taxes included, the $25 rate on the sipstation store is all-inclusive. Also I do not see anywhere on Vitelity’s site where they offer unlimited outbound and inbound (both) for $20 for business usage (SIPStation is geared towards Business usage). So please kindly guide me to that page.

He is right , you do get what you pay for
I have always been happy with sipstation

We started with Voxitas I think about 6 years ago, they have been bought out by Appi Communications.

When I have an issue I can call them and speak with someone and most of the time they can trouble shoot right them while on the phone. They have treated up well. Our NM office using them as well.

You are not needing a lot time by the way it sounds so I would just look at their Basic SIP trunks.

The Prices are about:
Basic 6, $77, 4,500min, 6 DID’s.
Basic 8, $102, 6,000min, 8 DID’s.
Basic 12, $151, 9,000min, 12 DID’s.

They have many more as well.

Unlimited call paths, free incoming, toll free #, $1 each for additional DID. The best bet is to buy the minute bucket you need and add the additional DID’s.

If I was to switch I have a local SIP trunk guy, small operator that I would use. Keeping what little it cost locally, plus when you call you get great service, $20/trunk, unlimited inbound and local and 300min of long distance/path.

We have an old POTs line that is used for FAX, being we don’t get many faxes anymore, 2-3/week. I set the old POTS line up as a backup trunk and now have been using that as an outbound route, has worked out great thus far.