Sip Trunk Provider

Can someone please recommend me a reliable Sip trunk provider with a europe server.
Thank you

Someone please.
Need urgent sip trunk provider.


May I suggest you ask on DSLReports or another similar site?

FreePBX/Sangoma has their own SIP provider (SIPstation) and while they don’t have European servers any other provider we might suggest also has servers which compete with them in North America…

This is probably one of the reasons you are not getting any answers to your query…

It’s fair play to talk of other providers when we are trying to fix/debug a problem with them I think but it sounds to me like it’s quite another to actually suggest a provider to use, to do business with

Good luck and have a nice day!


Ok.I got it.
Sipstation was my first look up but it does not fits my needs.
I need a server in europe and unlimited channels for outgoing
Thank you