Sip Trunk problem with CCM

Hi, I need to make a trunk between My asterisk [email protected] 2.7 and my cisco call manager 4.1.
I tried the trunk on both system and it’s working only in one direction.
I mean if i call from call manager to asterisk it works but in the opposite direction no way. Line seems busy.
I created an outbund route with a prefix code to route the call on the sip trunk but i don’t know wich other parameters i have to set
Anybody knows wich parameter i have to put under trunk or outbund settings to make it work?

Also I set up inbound routes on asterisk to catch any cid and any did and route on ivr, but if i wanna call an asterisk extension from ccm it’s not working. Always ivr answer with any number i try to call from ccm.
Any ideas how to solve also this pproblem?

Thanks in advance