SIP Trunk not registered in GUI

I’m running Asterisk 11.2.1 with FreePBX. When I configured the SIP Trunk in the GUI interface was’t registered. I decide to enter the SIP Trunk inforamtion in the sip_general_custom.conf file and the SIP Trunk was registered but can’t see anything in the GUI Interface. So I don’t have any SIP trunk for the Route.

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You provided no pictures and nothing to go on. It works believe me.

SIP Created in GUI but not registered

photo gui_trunk_zps3462d9be.jpg photo gui_trunkstatus_zps9df08072.jpg

Also reboot after applying the configuration but SIP was unregistered.

Then I delete the SIP on the GUI and create the entry in the SIP_Custom.conf

photo sip_customconf_zps2be34a4f.png

photo after_manual_entry_zps79c8d5aa.jpg

SIP registered but no Trunk visible in the GUI to assign in the routes

In the GUI take your registe= out of the register string.

If you had hovered mouse over tool tip you would have seen the correct format.

I already try it with the register and without. With “=” and without.

But nothing work

If you are using a registration string why are you entering things into the incoming settings area?