SIP Trunk Issues

Hello, I have just installed the latest FreePBX Distro and yumed all the upgrades. Im having a problem with my SIPSTATION Trunks. Incoming calls work perfectly. However, when I try to make an outgoing call, I get “All circuits are busy now…”

I removed the keys and the trunks (I have two trunks and 3 DIDs with SIPSTATION) and copy-pasted the installation string again. Everything is registered and all trunks are online.

Here’s where it gets wierd…

I setup my Google Voice account within the FreePBX and I can make and receive calls over Google Voice. Still, SIPSTATION only gets incoming calls… and even stranger yet, the DID #s that are listed in FreePBX after copy-pasting the installation string are TOTALLY different from those registered in my SIPSTATION account.

I have checked and rechecked my incoming/outgoing route setup, as well as my trunk setup and all seems ok.

Im totally lost. The only thing I can think of is a NAT problem somewhere, but if I can make and receive calls from Google Voice, that can’t be it. Can it?

From where my internet comes in, I have a D-Link Router. Port forwarding is setup for ports 80, 5060, and 10000-20000. All those ports should be reaching my server. My server IS able to reach the internet (Verified by the SIP trunks being registered and online, as well as yum finding and installing online updates). From within my network, I can reach, login to, and edit the FreePBX GUI.

NAT is set to NEVER within FreePBX because my server has a static IP in order for port forwarding to reach the correct destination. Is this what it should be based on my network config?

I feel like i’m missing something incredibly simple, but I just can’t seem to figure out what might be going wrong. PLEASE! If you have ANY suggestions at all, I would love to hear them, and I will do my best to give you the most accurate information I can while troubleshooting.

Thank you!!!