Sip trunk help

hello I am new in freepbx, so I need some help configuring sip trunk.

I have FreePBX on machine with one NIC, and LAN is on 192.168.x.x.
But SIP trunk (from my telecom) is one 10.222.x.x with GW 10.56.x.x.

is it posible to do that with only one NIC and how?

thnx for help

What type of circuit is SIP trunk delivered on? Is it connected to a router? Does anything else use it?

What is the subnet mask of the interface with the 10.222 address?

I got ADSL modem / router from Telecom. support told me that on the 4th port on the router is voice-bridge, and I have to put the address of my FreePBX to 10.222.x.x , subnet is and GW is 10.56.x.x . I didnt recieved user and pass from them for this trunk, only some prefixes and new telephone number. is not in the 10.222.x.x/30 network.

Hey problem was with router.

Now I have new IP and GW addresses.

IP for my PBX should be 10.222.x.2 subnet is and GW is 10.222.x.1

thanks for your help

So you are not running VLAN’s. You do have all this in one subnet. This is not a good design.

Also make sure you have the subnet in the sip settings module under localnet.

Something else is still wrong because if you have the server and the phones in same subnet the gateway does not come into play.

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