Sip trunk --help required

Hi All,

We have just bought a new sip trunk from our local provider. The provide given us the following details

1 . 6XXXXX1XX to 6XXXX3XX range of DID’s

  1. Domain IP of 10.X.X.X

  2. IP address(10.X.X.X) to configure it on our router and its gateways

When we configure individual DID with password on softphone, everything works.incoming and outgoing works fine.

However, I need this ALL DIDs to be configured on FReepbx and then configure extensions for DIDs.

Please help me to configure it.



You don’t really have a lot of information to go on, and it sounds like you are not too familiar with FreePBX, I suggest you purchase some support credit and let one of our technicians take care of this for you.

Hi Preston,

We already have two sip trunks active on asterisk. Both cases we received more details on NATTing and registration string from the service provider.

In this case we didn’t get details on how to integrate the trunk on asterisk server.