SIP Trunk --> fromuser & register string

following questions poped up.
1)I do have trunks where only fromuser=0049XXXX differs. How can I inherit one trunk and override only that property without creating for every CID a separate trunk?

2)Is it possible to save the lines in the PEER [email protected] settings in the order as they were entered?

3)Registration, register string:
Is the register string only used for incoming calls?
Can I leave the register string empty for SIP providers used only for outgoing calls?

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Registrations purpose is to inform the remote endpoint of your location (IP wise). Some carriers use this as part of their AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) by creating a peer that allows traffic from the IP communicated in the registration method.

As each carrier differs on implementation of SIP register I suggest you consult with the carrier.

The Schmooze SIP Station product follows the user friendly format of sending DID as CLID information in the original invite. Fromuser is on a trunk basis not a DID. Providers that do fromuser by DID are usually trying to use extensions as trunks in their soft switch.

but how can I inherit a complete trunk definition where only the fromuser differs (without copying it)?
Is there the possibility to make something like


I am not sure what you are asking…

I do have a trunk for a SIP account called trunk_rynga.

If I want to use this trunk for a second user with a different caller id I have to copy this trunk and change only fromuser=0049BLA49XXXXX to be the other caller id.

The best option would be to say trunk_rynga2 inherits trunk_rynga and overwrites fromuser;)

Does the carrier require the from user? You can set the caller ID in the channel?

Not sure if this helps, but you can list multiple DIDs in the “fromuser=” parameter by placing a “&” between each number.