SIP trunk failover strategies

This is the thing, finding a solution that makes financial sense for small installations. Not looking for completely free but it does need to fit in with the rest of the spend on the solution that’s being implemented.

i’d reach out to your reseller or suppliers with your needs , they might have a cheap solution. i know the audiocodes 500 are $500-600 but there may be others, like acme packet was pretty cheap but now it’s oracle so who knows
sorry to derail this to SBC - i’m not familiar with tricking freepbx NAT to switch WAN when they swap on the firewall

Again, if your PBX is behind a NAT, there is little you can do if your network becomes unavailable for any reason until it recovers

Any cloud based solution will be many times more robust, It’s IP will not change, Adding SBC’s or failover routing becomes just another PITA, and unless you have a redundant system (which is unlikely for this scenario) , you are just missing the point, your PBX need to be always available at exactly that URL/IP address and that is just an internet thing, seriously ?

(Not spending $60 a year is worth all that?)


As I said before, that seems like the best answer if redundancy is a priority. I am not trying to avoid having the phone system hosted because of cost that’s obviously doable. There are other trade offs between having the system hosted and on a local system where the local system was winning out but having it hosted seems like the best answer for fail over reasons.

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