SIP Trunk Fail

Hey guys!

Running FreePBX13.0.188.8 with all modules updated to latest.

Does anyone know if there is a command or way to reset (reregister a trunk) without rebooting the box?

I am still having trouble with the SIP connections to our Avaya Session Managers. Periodically (no real consistency) it looks like Session Manager throws a 408 error on the SIP entity monitoring log and shuts down the connection (reports connection down). I tried turning off entity monitoring on the Session Manager side, and it was stable for almost two weeks before we saw it pop back up.

To get it to come back up, I have to reboot the FreePBX box. After that it works perfectly. The problem is I lose pending callbacks, and other activities in the reboot.

Thanks in advance!

You could try sip reload from CLI or restart asterisk only instead of the entire box.

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