Sip trunk configuration

Good evening, I am in my first freepbx configuration and I am in difficulty in creating the sip trunk. The provider provided me with the following information:
host xx.yy.zz.87
username computerize
password 205296

the provider does not provide a telephone number but allows you to go out with a customer property number.
Can anyone help me with the configuration?

Which provider and Freepbx combo are you using?

FreePBX 'Pbx’

The provider I use is called communico LTD. It is a Maltese company that allows you to have a telephone number chosen by the customer in an exit.The number must be registered in the customer’s name but this provider does not provide the numbers. I am using it on 3cx and it works smoothly.
if you want in private I can give you the access data to do the tests (then I change the password).

Just guessing, set up a pjsip trunk with:

Trunk Name: Communico
Outbound CallerID: +390622223333
CID Options: Force Trunk CID
Username: computerize
Secret: 205296
Authentication: Outbound
Registration: None
SIP Server: xx.yy.zz.87
SIP Server Port: 5060

The outbound caller ID format may need to be 390622223333 or 0622223333 (use the same format as on your 3CX system).

Set up an Outbound Route to send calls to the trunk using the correct format for the destination number.

Make a test call. If it doesn’t work (it probably won’t), at the Asterisk command prompt, type
pjsip set logger on
and make another failing test call. Paste the relevant section of the Asterisk log (redacted as desired) at and post the link here.

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