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We have one pri line and grandstream gxp1400 instrument on which pri is configure and working but now we want to configure another line on same instrument for VOIP with different provider.

i had taken tata telecom MVOIP service but i dont understand how to configure this setting in freepbx as well as on grandstream 1400 instrument .

tata mvoip seeting to be configure on freepbx server.
TCL Signaling IP:
TCL Media IP:
Protocol: SIP
Dialing Pattern: 00
Supported Codec’s: G.729
DTMF Type: RFC 2833
Registration: No. Authentication is IP based.
Calling Number (ANI/CLI): It should be 10 or 11 Digit (E.164 format) valid ANI number.

please help me .


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Make new Truck of Tata MVOIP
In Trunk Out Use host Ip address, type, DTMF, Codec’s which are provided from TATA

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Does anyone know how to configure a generic sip trunk? I can’t find any info on it. All the videos I find are for certain providers.


You need to ask a better question. If you ask for generic driving directions, but I don’t know where you are and where you want to go, I can’t begin to help.

The simplest providers give you a server name, user name and password. If you enter these into a pjsip trunk in Username, Secret and SIP Server, that will work with some providers.

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