SIP Trunk configuration setup between two PBX's

runnning the latest freepbx distro and need a working SIP trunk configuration between two PBX’s running the same distro. IAX2 is experiencing some issues and would like to see how a SIP trunk would perform. there are no firewalls on NAT required to reach each other. I can get the SIP trunk to show online but get the “all cirucits are busy” I’m missing something…help.

What issues are you having with IAX? It’s much simpler to setup than SIP.

Why don’t you tell us the SIP trunk configuration that is not working and we can help you out.

Cory, you are going to want to gather some data from the CLI to determine why it is failing. A common cause is not using “from-internal” as the context.

Calls made from both PBX’s (2 total) that will use IAX2 trunk to extentions that followme is enabled result in poor quality in one direction only and are fine the other way. Voicemail recordings to email appear to be recorded in a superfast rate and almost unusable when using the IAX2 trunk. But when I call from an extension on PBX1 to PBX2 or PBX2 to PBX1 via the IAX2 the sound quality is normal as long as I don’t go to voicemail or followme on any extention.

Thanks for getting back…

Robert–I did change the context as suggested and I’m making progress with building a SIP trunk. Need to test after close of business.

If you post what you have done we can help you. Without the config it’s hard to say what you are doing wrong.

The TAX issues you describe indicate a serious timing issue that needs to be resolved. Do you have a timing source configured?

Appears, once I got a working SIP Trunk between the PBX’s my issues went away. I did look into the timing issue and added a TDM400P(for hardware timing)then reinstalled Asterisk 1.8.5 but that didn’t resolve any of the issues on IAX2 trunk. I ran dahdi_test and results appeared within range of suggested results 99.97-99.998 average. I have been using IAX2 trunking between these two boxes for almost 5 years with no problem. Once, I upgraded to 1.8.xx is when the problem surfaced.