SIP trunk can t find the right parameter

Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping my question will be clear enough:

I’m trying to setup a sip trunk with a provider that does not provide support for freePBx (and gave minimal feedback about the issue, I m facing).
To register, they provide a username and a pilot number. On the sip register packet trace, they told me that what they call username should appear in the Digest username but I can t find which field to populate in freePBX to achieve this.
here is bellow an extract of the packet trace (I just put “whatfield” to highlight the information I’m looking for.



Supported: replaces, timer

User-Agent: FPBX-

Authorization: Digest username=“WhatField”, …, algorithm=MD5, …, nonce=“BroadWorksXjhlk8ft0Tbr8531BW”, response=“5d506e65af629f48043e4dee5095c532”, qop=auth, cnonce=“08deeb73”, nc=00000001

Expires: 120


Thank for your help


Assuming chan_sip, try for your register string:

register => pilotnumber:password:[email protected]

and in the trunk parameters, try:


If this doesn’t help, please post a complete example of a valid REGISTER request (showing URI, From and Authorization fields). (Replace actual pilot number with ‘pilotnumber’ and actual username with ‘username’.)

Or, post provider’s instructions for another device.

Hi Stewart,

Thanks for your reply.
With your help, it’s working now

I put the register string as pilotnumber:password:[email protected]/pilotphonenumber
In Outgoing Tab, PEER Details, I put username=usernameprovided

Where usernameprovided is the username provided by the SIP provider.

thanks again for your help


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