SIP Trunk between two(2) PBX servers & avail features


Looking to create a SIP Trunk between two(2) PBX servers at different locations. Client needs to be able to have Shared Parking between the two PBX’s as well as Call paging between the boxes

I know with SIP Trunk between two boxes we can dial the extensions. PBX A will use ext. range 300, PBX B use ext range 400.

Will need to create a page group on each PBX server and when someone hits intercom button, or page button, it will page ALL phones or a select set of extensions at both PBX servers.

Basically use the paging feature to ‘call announce’ or to announce a caller is on XXX park line.

Is this at all possible when using two(2) seperate PBX servers? Need for two(2) PBX servers for on-site redundancy using Analog line cards. So either site is survival in event of SIP or internet outange

Nope, it’s not a trunk features issue. Those are local features despite the trunk protocol.


There is an IPSec VPN tunnel linking the two locations. Not even then? I setup a distributed BLF feature using Jabber / XMPP server to get BLF over the tunnel

Its a site to site SIP trunk between the PBX servers over ipsec tunnel.

So you’re saying, Shared park lines along with paging over SIP trunk is not possible? Only ‘local features’

So could only have one(1) PBX server and all locations and phones register to the one(1) location?

No one have anymore ideas to help?> Like to know if this is at all possible when having two different locations having their own PBX