SIP Station Issues Continue

I’ve followed every advice, I’ve change timeouts etc. The only thing that I find that works is to issue a reload and everything comes back as registered.

So I started thinking about this… the work-around would be that at least every hour a reload is done and then I don’t have to really worry if my SIP STATION trunks are not registered.

Can anyone give me a way to do this automatically? A step by step please because I am not a LINUX person. I am willing to bet others have the exact same problem.

PS: I have other trunks that never lose registration - only SIP STATION. I have 2 other VIATALK trunks and they always work but I have all my DID from SIPSTATION. Thanks for anyone’s help.

Can anyone help me here? I just need to do a reload automatically each hour. I assume a cron job will do that but I do not know how. Anyone?

After months of losing registrations on SIP Station and complaining to them, they at last admit that there is an issue adn that they fixed it.