Sip station cannot register to pbx

Hi I am new in FreePBX, I installed FreePBX

All extension cannot login to FreePBX, can anyone advise how to debug the problem, thanks in advance

FreePBX is at 2.10 stable (there is a 2.11 beta), there are many changes, don’t waste your time with your three year old version.

Thank you for the advise

Outside of using an old version, I don’t follow your question, can you not register with SIPStation, or are your phones/extensions not registering? Using the FreePBX module to register your trunks is the easiest way to configure any SIP Trunking service with FreePBX, so I’m not sure where you having trouble. You can follow these instructions here: If you are still having trouble you can submit a ticket at

After I upgrade to 2.10 , everything crashed, so no luck to try, I have to re-intall a new copy. thank you anyway

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I was getting the same problem with my old firmware, that's why recently I have upgraded it to improve the SIP service.