SIP Softphone with BLF keys?

Hi all,

As the title implies, I’m looking for a SIP softphone for either Windows or Mac that has BLF keys so I can see when others are on the phone.

I know that the Grandstream WAVE softphone for Android has this functionality, but I’m looking for something to install on my laptop and desktop.

I’ve searched online but haven’t found anything, even paid, that offers this feature… well except for the extremely expensive $5,000+ softphones… so is there anything that is affordable (like less than $50-100) that offers this feature?


Unless you have specific preferences there are some free options for Windows:
tSIP (should also work with Wine)
Draytek softphone
Snom 360 softphone (not too ergonomical, check also license for commercial use conditions)
MicroSIP (probably would not work out of the box as it offers presence, not dialog-info)

I use this, it works pretty well under Wine (for me anyway)