SIP side volume very low


I am hoping that someone can give me a hand here. Here is what we have.

Sangoma Appliance 40, a Sangoma Vega 60G with 8FXO ports and 16 Sangoma s405 phones.

Problem we are having is when people call in through our PSTN lines into the Vega the person receiving the call on the SIP side is very quite in volume to the person calling them. The person on the SIP side can hear the caller with no issues. Also if the user on the SIP side calls out they are very quiet to the person receiving the call yet on the SIP side the volume of the person they called is totally fine. Internal calls within the office from IP phone to IP phone is not a problem. Volumes are just fine.

Any any clue or help would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds very similar to our issues with the Sangoma phones. In Endpoint Manager looks for Handset Send Volume and set it to “1”. This will increase the handset volume and see if that helps. That made it better on our system. Still have some complaints, but better than before

Try increasing digital_tx_gain for for the FXO ports involved; see . (Max is 6 dB.) If that helps but causes echo problems, try also specifying a corresponding decrease in digital_rx_gain.

If you still have trouble, compare with a SIP trunk to determine whether the problem is related to the analog lines (Vega or connected PSTN lines). If you don’t have a SIP trunk on your system, I recommend signing up with Flowroute or Twilio. Both are IMO first class providers (you can be confident that their volume levels will be correct) and give you a small initial credit, sufficient to do these tests without making a payment.

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