SIP SHOW PEERS - Port 5061?

I just setup 150 Yealink phones on my FreePBX 12 configuration. All my phones are configured for port 5060 in the server and extension setting, but SIP SHOW PEERS shows all of them on 5061. I’m researched possible reasons, but can’t find any. On my previous phones (Polycom), they all appeared on 5060 when doing SIP SHOW PEERS.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Not familiar with FreePBX12, but on 13, chan_pjsip uses 5060 and chan_sip is on 5061, could that be the reason?

More likely the phones use TLS for registration which happens on port 5061.

Thanks for the suggestions. I see where my phones have “Only Accept Trusted Certificates” enabled, but I’m not seeing anything else related to TLS being enabled. I know this would be phone specific, but any suggestions on how I can confirm if it’s using TLS for registration?