SIP service not running

Looks like port 5060/UDP or SIP service is not running. Tested it using portqry and it’s not registering SIP extensions remotely (server on a DMZ). Local extensions register ok, but remote ones dont. Any ideas?

How do you expect it to work behind NAT without the NAT options configured in Asterisk?

Simplest way to do this is with SIP settings module.

DMZ does not eliminate the need for NAT options. I just wanted to point this out because you (johacami) seem to be emphasizing the DMZ part. Actually, DMZ is quite unnecessary, unless you are running something else on this box that requires it. You can set up port forwarding options in your firewall/router in a few lines that will allow the appropriate traffic to your Asterisk server without having to put it in a DMZ.

If the local extensions register the service is running.

Without knowing your network topology it is impossible to make any clearer recommendations.

Information you should be providing:

1 - Network interfaces and addresses
2 - Contents of Linux route table
3 - Networking hardware and configuration
4 - Any NAT options set in Asterisk

Local Net:
Asterisk on a DMZ
ISP: Cablevision
NAT options set to never (no nat)
Linux route table ???
Router: Netgear
SOHO environment