SIP Registrations Fail on *2nd* "Apply Config"

Hi All,

We’re seeing a fairly strange problem with applying FreePBX config changes. On the second time we click the “Apply Config” button, all SIP registrations “go away”. It’s always on the second time we hit “Apply Changes” - never the first or anything else.

Before the reload if I do a “sip show registry” I see a list of trunks showing as “Registered”, but after the reload the trunks are still there but not registered. I do not see any SIP registration packets go out after this second reload.

Everything else besides the SIP registrations seems to work fine. Phones remain registered to the server and calls can be made (except not to these trunks which require registration).

Some other notes:

  • “sip reload” does not resolve the problem.
  • Asterisk restart / server boot resolves the problem.
  • I didn’t see any differences in the Asterisk full log between the 1st and 2nd attempt.
  • No changes actually need to be made in FreePBX - it’s enough to go to an extension and just hit submit without making changes to get the “Apply Config” button.
  • I don’t see any different processes hanging around between the first and second reload when doing a “ps ax”.
  • Nothing strange in the system messages log.
  • It does not matter how log between the system reload and the first and second “Apply Config” - it always happens on the 2nd “Apply Config”.

So. Any ideas?

FreePBX | Asterisk 11.17.1 | CentOS 6.6

None of this is supported anymore. Hasn’t been for a while (specially FreePBX v11) so the only answer is to upgrade if you want actual support.

The answer should in your /var/log/asterisk/full log.

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