Sip registration failing "wrong password" when changing to pjsip

I have just upgraded FreePBX distro to 6.12.65-20 with a working SIP configuration using chan_sip with SNOM phones.

After changing to pjsip the registration from my SNOM phones fail (using the same SIP password) and the extension does even not show when checking with “sip show peers” - it just disappeared from the list. Same thing after changing again the SIP passwords. Wireshark shows 483 forbidden and asterisk gives the following warning :

[2014-11-19 23:35:09] NOTICE[3045]: chan_sip.c:27741 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

why is chan_sip shown here ? should this not be chan_pjsip ???

in system settings I have set only pjsip, not both sip stacks. I guess for using both sip stacks they should be bound to different UDP ports - no ? but where can this be done ?

In Sip Settings. You are still talking to chan sip. The command “sip show peers” is also chan sip only.

pjsip normally listens on 5061, you can change that in sip settings

thanks - I know now how to change between both SIP stacks from another post I jumped into.

Furthermore I would like to find some documentation how to setup subscriptions for MWI and presence. After just converting a working SIP extension from Chan_SIP to PJSIP, they both did not function anymore, so something has to be changed extra - or maybe on the client side ? Some examples on this would clarify this better as I did only find some PJSIP and AOR related documentation on Asterisk, but not how FreePBX makes or converts the corresponding config files for these subsriptions.