SIP registration failed

Hi there. I have setup Sipprovider_CE, Freeswitch an and a few others and never had a problem getting initial SIP registration to work… until now…using FreePBX!

If anyone can help I would be grateful…

Ubuntu Server 14.0.4 with 32bit, Stable-6.12.65, FreePBX 12, Asterisk 11

I have 2 Generic CHAN SIP extensions and 2 users. I have used 1234 and 5678 as extension numbers/passwords. The system is only running internally and I am trying to register a Linphone client that is on the same network so there is no NAT involved.

I’m only using an IP address for the server so it’s essentially registering sip:[email protected]

I’m guessing I don’t need to add :5060 to the end of the server address…have tried it anyway but didn’t make any difference…

Any ideas? This is a completely clean install on a new server.



OK…cancel that…got that sussed…

Next issue though… Trying to use WebTC from the UCP.

Got 2 clients running UCP, both show available. I can dial out from either but the other client doesn’t even show there is an incoming call.

Not sure what to check next???