SIP Registration Attempts per Minute

Anybody know how to define how often a Trixbox system with FreePBX will try to Register a SIP account? I just got the following message from my provider, and I have no idea how often my system tries to re-register

In our on-going effort to ensure quality of service for our customers, we have implemented a system to detect and block noisy SIP clients.

Typically, there is no need to register more than once per 60 second interval.

If your IP address is recorded making more than 15 registration attempts per-minute, we will automatically block your IP address.

I don’t THINK my system would have any reason to be over doing it, but what do I know

Typically the registration will occur as per your trunk settings, but there can be occasions where Asterisk can go overboard in it’s enthusiasm to re-register the trunk.
I’ve seen this where the response from the SIP registration server has not been acknowledged by Asterisk, and it tries again, and again, andagainandagainandagainandagainandagainandagainandagainandagain, in some cases every 4 seconds.

I’ve not seen a singular fix for this, but the following may help:

Make sure your Asterisk system is on the correct time by syncing to an ntp server
Ensure that port 5060 & 5070 are port forwarded in your router to the PABX
Use a decent router. I’ve seen this symptom when clients have used a C&N router, and it disappeared when they switched to a Linksys router.
Check in the router that your connection is not set to Dial on Demand, or that it’s set to reestablish a connection immediately.

Of course, if any of our extended audience know of a way of increasing the registration attempts, I’m all ears too…

Did you happen to find a solution to this issue ?

Alas no, what I did was to contact my service provider and ask them if I was abusing the system as I had no way to check. They assured me that I was OK.