SIP Registration Alert

Don’t tell him he is good, it will go to his head and we will have to hear more of his off beat brit humour.

qualify will monitor your outbound ability, inbound needs that you do the registry thing, just so you know. (they are not the same thing and often use different servers)

sed ‘s/ou/o/’ please Scott and if you think that Top-Gear, USA, is funny, I will show you at least two people who will totally disagree, sometimes yooz guys just don’t get it.

FWIW John Cleese lives in Montecito, CA though.

I’ll remember that… :))

Ok first thing, I’m using a linksys SPA2102 with 2 lines on it so it will have one IP address…NO BRAIN PAIN…

OK I have checked the rasterisk -x ‘sip show registry’ but now I have tried to use it with the same command as /usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep Status | grep -wc Registered but no go…

Guy’s please I’m no boffin with linux I learning this for about 6 months now and I have to say I think it will be easier to learn a new language… lol

The previous command works great, now that the status show OK it gives me a 1 instead of a 0.

Maybe one can give me something to work with on the sip show registry.


what does:-

rasterisk -x ‘sip show registry’

return? either you are registering with your provider or not (sometimes we us IP only)

as to your spm I will state NO BRAIN PAIN yet noticed , yes it has one ip but if you look closely inside, by default the first interface will use 5060 and the the second 5061, you messed something up somewhere. when you call 100 or 199 then the last one to register of 100 or 199 will ring and not necessarily the one you called, try it if you don’t believe me.

Don’t mix up

rasterisk -x

asterisk -rx

they are in fact analogs, I personally use rasterisk (remote asterisk) because I am lazy and raste[tab-completion] rather than “asterisk -r” has saved me from carpal tunnel syndrome after the 10000 times i have logged into to asterisk. If you don’t use fax then ras[tab-completion] is even quicker.

this rasterisk -x ‘sip show registery’ I received this.

Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time N 278xxxxxxxx 585 Registered Fri, 24 Aug 2012 22:45:31
1 SIP registrations.

and exactly the same return with -rx

I would really like to get this Registry command running in the same why as the “sip show peers” then I can monitor the registry as well, I have found that sometimes when that phones are down the trunks stay registered but the registry is down.

ps. I have fixed the 5061 to 5060 and kept the other one on 5061

Come on guy !! you obviously need to grep out “Registered” there instead of “OK”, slow down, drink some Umqombothi and wait till your brain kicks in.

I hate Top Gear USA, am a huge Dr. Who/faulty towers fan

I don’t think that Umqombothi will do for me, and how do you know this, it’s a Xhosa word and it’s a beer made from maize (corn), maize malt, sorghum malt, yeast and water, commonly found in South Africa… OK OK Where I’m at. lol :))

No more teaching you to fish, you have had your quota, you said you tried

/usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep Status

did you try any of the following:-

/usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep Registered


/usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep Username


/usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep “:”


/usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep “I’m not here to be found”

even without Umqombothi you must see there is a certain logic here, no?

tried this /usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep Registered but the return look the same, now I have done it…mm no you have out done your self again, I have done this /usr/sbin/rasterisk -rx “sip show Registry” | grep Registered | grep -wc Registered , and it gave me the 1, I have simulated a registry disconnect and it showed 0 finally I can put this to rest, I think this last quota have just made me a happy man…

To all that made me happy.

Thank you / Baie Dankie ( In Afrikaans ) to pronounce it just say " Buy-a-Donkey" fast.

I’m going to miss this, or maybe I must look for something ells to ask questions about… nah I won’t miss use this again soon…I hope.

Bring net 'n ysie en vleisie

Dit geweet, toe dit by die drink goed kom… het maar 'n kaans gevat…


Ek sal daarop aandring dat jy koop.

Sal moet plan maak, Ek is in die vaal driehoek area Drie Reviere… hoop nie dis ver om te ry nie…

Jo’berg, jy arme bliksem

JA JA, Moet dit nie in vryf nie, ek is weer terug hier na 5 jaar wat ek in Kathu Noord kaap was, DIT WAS LEKKER en beter as hier maar ja die werk hou net so lank die kontrak loop, so ek het nou maar besluit om my eie ding te doen, terug in IT in, een probleem, ek is al so lank uit dit dat ek als van voor af moet leer, EINA!!

o ja die naam hier is Jaco… en Bobojaans berg is nie ver nie…lol

You should be ashamed of yourself though Jaco, a ham operator using windows!! Did you know there is code in Asterisk for talking to repeaters already?

No I didn’t no that, I have to say I have tried using Ubunto at times but I just can’t get around it, and when I started with this PBX I can see how powerful Linux is, it’s amazing to do so much with only scripts, I mean this Centos distro is giving me a lesson or two, and just wait I’m busy building a pc for using with Linux, I’m just not sure which one to go for, I have played with Puppy Linux before when I had my PSK Mail server running but it was only for a while, I think
that when I really snap this linux stuff I’ll stay with it. Just for you mentioning that Asterisk already have a code to talk to repeaters makes me want to know more…

OK by the sound of it you’re also a HAM, if so look up my details and you’ll find my e-mail SARL or QRZ, or you can visit and we might have a good chat again, but I’m off to bed now, My daughter having a school function tomorrow no later and it’s up early for me… but thanks very much this scripts are working very nice, I have put it on a cron job for every 15 min check… but that’s it for now until later. 73