Sip Provider info

I am looking for recommendation on sip providers. We currently use with 6 lines but would like to increase our line usage and do not want to find reliable sip providers.

A couple of questions:
1)We would like to use another sip provider as backup because we had go down in the past. I was wondering if you have your main number with with hunt and they go down, what would the failover strategy be? How would you have your main number forwarded to the other provider?

2)We are mainly looking to increase our incoming lines because we are a helpdesk center. We are currently paying $30/month for unlimited at The interesting thing is if I would go through which resells, we would only be paying $24.99/month for the same service. When I asked Bandwidth about it, they said they provide business class service and are monitoring it around the clock. That is an interesting selling tactics.


Try, they do SIP trunks with as many channels and DID’s as you want. Quality is excellent and price reasonable.