Sip phones / ring group

I have an office with a bunch of SPA-941’s, they have a 4 line appearance. When someone calls in it goes to a ring group, and all the office phones ring. However, if I have two callers calling in at the same time, any phones ringing with the first caller will not ring the second caller as well. How can I change this so it does ring both at the same time?

Hopefully you understand what I am saying. Let me know if you need clarification.


google: asterisk astdb

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OK, I figured out how to change the call waiting without having to delete and add users from FreePBX.

Open asterisk CLI. Command:


to remove I think you just do a delete, not DISABLED.

Thanks for the help p_lindheimer

Where is this database located? I it a flat file or mysql or what?

ok, I changed in amportal.conf:


I deleted and re-created the extension. It works now! However, I can’t seem to find where it writes this setting for the extension. I don’t want to delete and recreate all my employees extensions and lose all their vm. Does anyone know where this setting is per extensions, not global?

in the CLI type:

database show CW

each extension that has callwaiting set will have:


where 322 is the extension number. So you can just manually create those database keys from the CLI with a database put.

it’s not - you have to use a feature code, or do it in the database, and their is a variable in amportal.conf that lets the system default to always set it when an extension is created (can’t recall the variable off the top of my head).

I am using Asterisk 1.2.18. I know it’s not the phones, because when using a totally different asterisk server I do not have that problem.

do you have freepbx callwaiting enabled for those extensions?

Where is the callwaiting setting? I don’t see it under extensions.

If I call a single extension from two different sources at the same time, one will get voicemail. I know the phones aren’t the problem because I used these phones on a totally different asterisk server and it would ring two at the same time. I know its somewhere in the configuration, but I just can’t seem to find it.

If I call my phone form two different sources (or call into the same ringgroup from 2 different sources) both lines ring. In the specific test I did it was on a Polycom 601. It sounds like the phones might be related to the problem. What version of asterisk are you running?

is it an issue wrt to ringgroups or the phone? If you call a single extension from two different sources at the same time, will that same phone ring on two different line appearances?