SIP phones dont seem to work

Ok so I have gotten as far as setting up my trunk and routes, I can call my number and I get my IVR and I have DISA setup on one of the extensions and both routes are working perfectly. For some reason when I try to call on any SIP softphone it goes to the dialing screen sits there and does nothing. I tested it with my google voice and it rings the number but there is no sound or anything. Also when I try to dial the extension from an outside number my SIP phone is “unavailable” Any ideas on where to start?

Honestly you set a record for telling us absolutely nothing.

If you read your message please note you did not tell use what software/version you are running, what type of phones, how it is configured, the network topology and anything else you may think is relevant.

Essentially your message was I have some SIP phones and they don’t work.

You ask where to start, my suggestion is with a new post.

What is the deal with people in the PBX community? Everyone that has ever had the courtesy to respond to a post or question that I have asked, responded with some sarcastic or rude response. PBX, Asterisk, SIP this is all a new paradigm to me, so to someone like me, the question reads that I have my trunk working and the pbx receives and sends calls, yet on the other side, the sip softphones can connect to the pbx yet they don’t connect to the trunk and send calls down the line to a hard line number or any internal extension. They also don’t receive anything from the pbx and if I send a test call to the pbx via my cellphone or house phone and dial the extension that should connect me with that sip softphone, it tells me either A. “The extension you dialed is busy” or B. “The extension is unavailable”. Yes I could have posted logs, but I didn’t, but I again have little experience with this and for all I know the sip server could be rejecting my packets due to bad auth. But I know its not because I explained that the sip softphone would connect, so its something with the call routing or as I learned about last night, it was being sent to the void because it might not match a dialplan. The process used to figure out that it wasn’t bad auth is commonly known as “Deduction”. I asked where to start because I, again, don’t understand the paradigm of Asterisk or FreePBX completely, so I wouldn’t know what is “relevant” to the issue at hand, therefore I cannot deduce what is happening.

Either way, here is a snippit from my log when I make a call from the sip softphone

Wow, all that typing and you did not answer any of my questions.

You also posted insufficient log to help you.

How about you start with FreePBX version, Asterisk version, how it was installed, network information.

Being new does not absolve you of posting sufficient information for troubleshooting. If you google FreePBX “how to ask for help” or the classic on the trixbox forums “we are not dentists” you will get a load of information on troubleshooting and how to interact on forums.

I can understand why you are not getting a warm reception if your post is an example how you ask for help.

You also can’t have a thin skin on Internet forums.

Try again, we don’t run off noobs.

Im Running FreePBX-Distro-32bit-1.811.210.57 w/ Asterisk
BroadVoice SIP Trunk
Running on a Xen VM on my server, Dedicated IP, no NAT or anything besides a hardware firewall at my datacenter

As far as how much is working, I figured out that I improperly setup something networkside and didnt have the media ports open, I can make calls fine now but I cannot recieve them. Its giving me a “this person is busy” everytime I try calling that extension.

Heres a log, I made another call and dialed in the extension to recreate the issue in the log.

As far as the friendliness issue goes, it has nothing to do with me, again with the paradigm issue. There is a huge difference between “LOLOLOLOLOL WORST POST OF THE YEAR ALERT LOLOLOL YOU ARE TERRIBLE” and “Could you please provide me with some more details ->Link to “how to post on the forums”<-”. Believe me, I have some pretty tough skin, I happen to troll around on reddit a lot and the people there can be rather harsh. I mean, what if you asked a question on microsofts forums stating you can’t get windows to boot? You wouldn’t get a response like that, thats for sure! I don’t mind that the response was harsh, its just pretty disturbing that a commercial products forum lets that kind of stuff fly. (Again, its just my 2 cents)

What commercial software are you referring to? This is Open Source software, this is a user to user forum.

You still haven’t given enough information to help.

Here is that link you asked for

I figured it out, I was just new to this system, the extension number is the login name in most cases, not the extension name.

Also, I figured I’d share this with you:

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May be under a copyleft and open source, but its still commercial.