SIP Phone List

Ok, after three plus days of trying to get an simple IVR going, Im wondering if its my phone. Its a Grandstream GXP1405. The issue is as noted in my other post ( that the call will NOT pickup the key press from the IVR playback. I have tried every setting out there… Note that this is from and EXTERNAL call, so seems odd that its not working but…

I have a growing customer that currently uses a Talk-switch unit with four POTS, and right now its looking pretty good as far as usability goes.

They are putting in a large Sports Bar and want something that can grow and it would seem that a Asterisk based PBX would be great, but need an IVR based system. I got some great help (THANKS) but the issue persists. I noted that a lot of phones being used are of the Aastra type… could it be the phone?

Not going to BS, Im new to this, but it would seem that the phone would have little to do with the IVR sensing the key press from an external call, and just routing it to the extension.

Anyway, any info appreciated on the phone side. Admittedly its a cheap(er) phone… so willing to try something else.

Again thank you for all the replies!