SIP Notify unauthorized outbound_auth

Some phones are failing on Notify with a 404 unauthorized. Grandstream are one of them. Basically the GS phone requires auth and PJSIP sill not send an auth unless outbound_auth is added to the endpoint config (outbound_auth=7000-auth)

See this Asterisk issue for details:

The question is: Is there a way to get FreePBX to add the outbound_auth option to the Asterisk config files? Oristhe re a work around (for 150 extensions).

This is specifically an issue with the Commercial Endpoint Manager. It will not force the phones to update due to this issue.

I would gently suggest you use chan_sip until all the chan_pjsip bugs are worked out :wink:

possibly related to this ticket:

see the last note I added.

edit - Having read the linked Asterisk ticket, I am not sure how best to address this. My thinking is this is GS config issue, and the FreePBX ticket above addresses this, but am fully prepared to be convinced otherwise.

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