SIP into FreePBX on VMWare workstation

Hello, I have a question. This is leans more towards network configuration.

I have FreePBX 13.0.1942.2 with Asterisk13.12.1 running in a Virtual environment running VMware workstation. The PBX,at time of installation,was connected to a router with a gateway so as to be able to get the downloadable packages. As such, I opted to have the network settings on the VM take a bridged network as those are the configuration settings that the tutorials I was following used. The host machine is in the same subnet with an IP of .77. The Freepbx is .79. when I run ifconfig on Freepbx it show eth 0 the host machine this ia actually ethernet 2.

An incoming SIP trunk has a an IP of 10.x.x.x. It’s terminating on NIC ethernet 1. There sits no router before the IP-PBX. I am wondering how to make FreePBX see the 10.x.x.x. port as the calls to be able to make outgoing calls.

Moreover, may someone could suggest a better method of making this work.


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