Sip extensions registration forking feature

Hello everybody,
I am new in forum, but I would like to submit one question.

We are using Freepbx since 3-4 years with great satistaction, although, I am really frustrated about the lack of sip registration forking feature.

Before starting with asterisk and freepbx, we were used to install 3CX Phone Ssystems. 3CX allows you to register the same extension with several phones.

It is used to have the same extension on two or more devices.
For example, the desk phone, the smartphone and the dect ip phone at the same time.

Each time you call the extension, all the devices registered at the same peer ring and the total of simultaneous calls managed by the extension is the sum of the capability of each phone:
For example if I have a Yealink T26 phone and a cordless dect phone with the same extension, the total aoumnt of sim calls managed by the peer is 4, because 3 for the T26 phone and 1 for the dect phone.
If I disable call waiting function, the peer reeceives only one call at a time.

IS it possibile in freepbx to enable multiple registrations from different devices and have this feature?

Please, help me.
I found this feature very useful, and even if the follow me feature in freepbx gives a similar functionality it is very odd to manage it and I must always create and manage different extensions, one for each phone.


You cannot register more than one device to and extension in “User” mode. There is a “Device & User” mode that would technically do this for you but it’s not necessary in most situations.

In FreePBX you would use follow-me for this functionality. The max number of incoming calls would still equal the total of all extensions(devices) in the follow-me group. Believe me, it’s really quite simple.