SIP\extension vs local\extension

I would just like a quick verification. I read in another forum post that using SIP\extension # to log extensions into the queue via AMI commandline would cause issues with autofill and “skip busy agents”

We are thinking that adding the extensions as local\extension number through the AMI commandline would solve some of our phone freezing issues and make autofill and “skip busy agents” work? Is this a true assumption or good step to take?


I always use the LOCAL/xxxx construct unless I have a really, really good reason not to. Of course, one of the reasons I do that is because I have systems where the connections aren’t actually over SIP ports (DAHDI and SCCP, for starters).

Ah ok. Our programmer was really just guessing with our utility that adds the extensions to their queue. So it sounds like the correct way to do things is local/XXXX.

It’s not the correct way.

What I said was “this is how I do it.” There’s a huge difference. The correct way is the way that works for you…

Heh well it seems the way we’re doing it now is not working. Getting all sorts of issues. I think its worth trying the other way. Thanks for your opinion.