Sip extension not appear on freepbx GUI

After creating sip extensions using asterisk CLI I saw that only one of my extensions created on /etc/asterisk/sip.conf appear on freepbx GUI (the first on the image below).How can I solve It?

How did you do this? There are no commands in the Asterisk CLI that would let you create SIP peers.

FreePBX breaks out the .conf files in their own files and sections. The sip.conf file in FreePBX does not hold any peer information. It has some general details and includes other conf files for this. All SIP peers end up in sip_additional.conf.

AS well, the FreePBX GUI looks at the SQL database backend for data so if the SIP peers were just added to a .conf file, FreePBX isn’t going to see that. Extensions have data stored in the SQL database and the AstDB which the GUI looks at. They don’t exist in the SQL database then the GUI doesn’t show them.

So what steps are you doing to create these peers via the CLI?

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