Sip end user account as sip trunk

Hello I have a SIP enduser account from my telco and I was wondering if I could use it as a sip trunk in freepbx?

You can do anything. All SIP is just SIP. Now could you actually get FreePBX to set it up right to send the signaling? Probably with work.

If you are serious, just get a SIP trunk they cost pretty much nothing for a only a single call path worth of usage.

I would NEED it to run through a SIP end user account that’s the only way for us. So is there a way I could do it in FreePBX.

Your telco may have a contractual prohibition on using the service with a PBX. They may not provide documentation on how to connect, in particular they may not provide the SIP password. Also, if they provide a router or gateway with analog phone jacks, you may have conflicts between their device and your PBX.

Assuming that none of the above are an issue for you, there should be no problem setting up the account as a trunk. Others have likely already done the same thing and a Google search will show the required settings. Such accounts usually have some restrictions that a regular SIP trunk would not have, such as being limited to one or two simultaneous calls, or having no control over the outbound caller ID.

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