SIP Diversion Headers

so that when an Off-System caller follows me to my Cel Phone, the number I see calling me is not my system, but instead the number of the person that initiated the call.

I have been playing with implementing these, and I guess the Development question would be twofold:

  1. Is this coming into the main development - am I wasting my time playing with custom contexts and such?

  2. Where should the insertion go - I have been trying to find a map of the call flow when a call is forwarded offsite, and have not been able to find one - and in dissecting the CLI output, it seems that the code should go in macro-user-callerid, except I don’t know the effect of putting a SIP header on a Non-SIP channel - seems like a bad idea, but again, I am grasping.

Is this something anyone is working on?