SIP Dial Timeout for redundant SIP trunks

I have been searching the forums and the web, and I haven’t found an answer to this question, so I thought I would go ahead and post it here and find out.

If you haven’t heard, had a problem with their main SIP trunking server on Friday and it took all my customers using them (5) down for a couple of hours - come to find out that they already had redundant servers set up, they just hadn’t bothered to tell most of their customers (me included).

So here’s the deal - in FreePBX I have set up three SIP trunks to correspond to the three servers:


And then on each outbound route, I set up all three trunks to be tried in order - this should give me a Fault-Tolerant setup, but the problem is it takes WAY too long to try the second and third trunks - by the time it even tries the second trunk, you think it isn’t working and have hung up.

How can I adjust that timer so that if it doesn’t get a progress message in say 10 seconds, it tries the next trunk, etc.

Or am I doing this wrong?


Did you ever find a solution to this problem? Anyone?

Today our cisco trunk got stuck and freepbx did not route to the second trunk until 60 seconds later which is way too long so all outbound calls failed. Isn’t there a timeout value that could be adjusted?

We are running Asterisk 1.8 on the new Freepbx distro.