SIP cordless handset?

The system for the office is finally just about done, it’s coming together quite nicely. I’ve got a couple little touches to finish up and one of them is a cordless phone that gets dragged around the office as needed.

All that’s needed is a handset - no big fancy base station. Do these exist? I was looking at the Aastra SIP-DECT 142 but I am not sure if it needs anything else to make it work or if the network plugs straight into the charging cradle (which is what I’d like it to do).

Ideally I’d like to stay with all Aastra phones just for simplicity sake, but if that’s not possible then so be it.

What are my options for this?

Hello tigernight -

The DECT 142 is a handset only. It also requires a base station, something like the RFP L32 or RFP L34 in order to operate. Each of those can serve up to 8 handsets at the same time. The RFP L32 device then connects to ethernet.

Depending on the planned size of your setup, this might almost be overkill. You could look at the Aastra 9480i CT which comes with one cordless headset (so it is dual, desk + cordless)or the Aastra 6757i CT. The later is the newer model.

There are also other manufactures of DECT VOIP handsets, I am using a few Siemens GigaSet IP phones (S67H) - but there are not available in the US.

Yes, I saw those and they are definitely overkill. I guess the 9480 or the 6757 are going to have to be it. Thanks for the info.

I’m a big fan of using an ATA like the Grandstream HT-502 ($30) along with a Panasonic cordless phone that you can pick up at Costco. It has the added advantage of being usable as a regular analog phone should something bad happen to your PBX.

Nice :] I do like that idea, but since the funds are available I will go with a full voip phone instead of an adapter.