Sip Config cant answer phone

Hi there I have been setting up asterisk freepbx using AT&T ipflex I have got it to where I can call into the system from my cell phone and my phone on the asterisk will ring but when I answer it nothing happens I can still hear my cell phone ringing and then I get all circuits are busy, but if I take my phone off the hook and then place the call it will go to my voice mail and I can leave a msg. I am lost at the moment to even to know where to start. Please let me know what information I need to post so maybe someone can help with this matter

Asterisk is a Back to Back User Agent, so when you call the number associated with the PBX (8005551212, for example) the PBX actually grabs the call, establishes a call to the “destination” that associated with the Inbound Route (extension, voicemail,. queue, etc.) and bridges the two calls together (hence, back to back) to complete the circuit.

If you can call into the server from “the outside” and end up on Voice Mail, the extension is probably unreachable. If you can pick up the local phone and dial “*65” and get a response, the phone and the PBX are connecting. So, with that said, can you try to tell us what is and isn’t working, now that you know that everything is a call to the actual PBX, whether the call is incoming or outgoing.

Hi there at the moment we can call from outside and the my phone extension will ring but when I answer it there is nothing and the cell phone I am using to call in from keeps raining then it says circuits are busy and as for out bound calls it says all circuits are busy try again later

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