Sip.conf wipe-out after upgrading to FreePBX (core)

Has anyone experienced “sip.conf” wipe-out after recent upgrade?

My inbound calls stopped working so I was looking at sip.conf this morning.

It was reset to default state. All the changes made were gone!

I hope this is for just sip.conf file only… ack!

or any other .conf file that isn’t a custom file.

that was a smack on my head!

what do you mean? we’re supposed leave sip.conf as is? at all time?

i don’t understand this… how is anyone supposed to make things operate without modifying .conf files for whatever purpose?

or am i missing something fundamental here?

i said any conf file that is not a custom. e.g. don’t change sip.conf, but rather sip_custom.conf. most things in freepbx can be changed in either the custom files or in the gui…

okay, i see what you’re saying.

now, one last dumb question.

when asterisk starts and reads sip.conf, is sip_custom.conf values loaded after sip.conf values?


or it wouldn’t work :slight_smile:

if you looked at the whole sip.conf file you would have noticed at the bottom these lines…

#include sip_general_custom.conf
#include sip_nat.conf
#include sip_registrations_custom.conf
#include sip_registrations.conf
#include sip_custom.conf
#include sip_additional.conf
#include sip_custom_post.conf

each is a include file that is loaded one after the other. The only “editable” sip file that does not currently follow the do not edit me unless it ends in _custom.conf rule is sip_nat.conf which you need to edit if you are behind a firewall making connections to the outside.

The sip.conf, sip_registrations.conf, sip_additional.conf are written and/or re-written by freepbx at a new install/upgrade and/or when you make a change to a sip entry someplace and it updates it’s files for asterisk to read.

and to elaborate on fskrotzki’s comment, sip_nat.conf is really there for historical reasons, you could put everything you need in it into sip_general_custom.conf if you wanted.

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