Sip.conf not updated

Hello all! I’ve just started using FreePBX and Asterisk and so far I love them.

For now, my server is only accessible from the network, so in Nat Settings, I entered (server IP) for the External IP and for the network.

From Reports/FreePBX System Status, everything is green, everything looks fine.

Here’s the issues I’m facing in Applications/Extensions:

  • The extensions I created directly from the server by modifying the sip.conf file are not visible, yet they’re functioning.
  • When I add a new extension from FreePBX, the sip.conf file is not updated. So the extension are not enabled by Asterisk.

I tried 2 things:

  • I changed the FreePBX admin credentials with the server root info. No change, and that makes sense
  • I changed the permission on sip.conf file from 664 to 777. Not luck either.

Can you tell me what I’m missing?



What does it say at the very top of sip.conf?
Have you read the wiki yet?

Tagging along with what Dicko said.

First off you never edit sip.conf, ever.

Secondly, FreePBX doesnt import anything in from a .conf file. Not how it works.

Thirdly, Extensions are not added into sip.conf but instead added into sip_additional.conf from FreePBX.