SIP Channel open but not active - Extension no longer exists either

Hi there,

in investigating my ring group issue, I’ve discounted all networking potential causes and in digging deeper on the FreePBX system have come across some information that I’d like to clear up so if anyone can explain and shed some light on the matter, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I noticed 3 SIP channels still present that shouldn’t be, as well as 2 Active SIP channels. One channel is an old extension I’ve recently removed and unplugged the phone for (108) the other is a remote SIP extension (206) using a soft-phone, that is still present and used on the server. What is more off, is that this external extension (206) is holding open a channel to two of our conference numbers (18 & 15) which it will have, at some point been on conference calls on.

So a SIP Show channels from the CLI reveals
Peer User/ANR Call ID Seq Format Hold Last message
x.x.x.x 108 xxxx… 000… 0x0(nothing) No Init:INVITE
x.x.x.x 206 xxxx… 000… 0x8(alaw) No Rx: ACK
x.x.x.x 206 xxxx… 000… 0x8(alaw) No Rx: ACK

In Active channels is can see (in FreePBX)
SIP/206-b7xxxxx [email protected] Up MeetMe(15)
SIP/206-093xxxx [email protected] Up MeetMe(15)

I’ve just run a soft hangup SIP/206-b7xxx… on both the active channels that were used(held open) by the 206 extension.

BUT there still remains a SIP channel for the 108 extension. Can anyone help with a command that i can use to clear this off too? As its not active i cant use soft hangup SIP/108-xxxx and i cant see 108 in the sip shows users list either. The phone/extension no longer exists and its IP isnt even present on my router anymore yet its still there!

I’m sure its pretty simple, i just don’t know the command.

many thanks