SIP channel is not closed when outgoing call to mobile is declined

Hi All!

The issue I have is somewhat bizarre and I’m not sure if this is to do with the provider or my FreePBX (asterisk 13.14) settings?
Everything works perfectly fine on my machine except when the outgoing calls through the SIP trunk to mobiles are actually declined (what I mean is the mobile actually rings but user decides to press the red “decline” button on the iPhone when it is ringing).

I noticed when the call is rejected in this way, the SIP channels do not close and then after a few minutes the called mobile receive a voicemail with busy signal. When I look at core, I can see active channels even though the call was rejected!!!

Report it to your sip provider, he doesn’t send a bye message to hangup the call.

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I was hoping it doesn’t come to that. They will take for ever. Do you know a way to look for the BYE message? I assume I need some sort of verbose debug ?? Just to make sure it is not my Asterisk that ignores it.

Use this command and send the output pcap file to your provider. Inspect first the sip trace that you don’t get a bye response when the caller hangups.

tcpdump -i eth0 -n -s 0 port 5060 -vvv -w /home/capture_file_name

Change eth0 to the device that you are using and 5060 to the port that you are using.

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