SIP anonymous setting on 12

I saw that anonymous sip call by default is set to No. Just checking CDR and I see many attempts from SIP anonymous. What is needed to stop anonymous

Disabling anonymous sip will only tell Asterisk not process the call. It will not stop someone from sending you an anonymous sip call. A firewall will fix the issue.

Think about it like this you can choose not to answer a call but you can’t prevent someone from trying to call you.

Thanks for reply . My mistake I was looking for the Allow SIP Guest to turn that feature off . In version 12 its no longer in the Asterisk SIP Setting.

It’s under chan sip now.

Checked under Advance setting and Asterisk SIP settings did not find ? were should it be ?

Asterisk SIP Settings > Chan Sip

Look for the right handed nav bar. It’s on the right. Your setting(s) are in there.

Got It ! Did not look for the right side of that page Thanks

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